Honda Allowed Engine Development During 2015 F1 Season

30 Jan
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Honda has finally succeeded in its bid to convince the FIA to allow it some engine development for the upcoming 2015 F1 season.

If you follow the sport, you’ll know that this is a huge deal. Last year, there were only three engine suppliers in F1: Mercedes, Ferrari, and Renault. It quickly became clear that Mercedes had developed the best engine, which completely dominated the championship.

Because of strict regulations, however, the other suppliers have very little wiggle room to improve their engines for the next season, which has caused them to press the FIA—the sport’s governing body—to unfreeze engine development. Otherwise, there would be very little chance of catching up to Mercedes.

They eventually found a loophole that would allow them to make limited engine modifications throughout the season, but someone was left in the dust: Honda, who is rejoining the sport for the 2015 season as an engine supplier to McLaren.

Fortunately, the FIA has finally decided to level the playing feel for Honda and awarded it the same courtesies as to the other suppliers. Remember, the last time Honda partnered with McLaren, they utterly destroyed the competition. Terry Lee Honda looks forward to seeing if the team can bring the fight to Mercedes this year!

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