EPIC Program: Honda’s Workforce Shortage

3 Apr
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Honda’s been having trouble filling positions lately, and it isn’t for lack of trying. The shortage is affecting the entire manufacturing industry. According to a study conducted by the Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte, the shortage could top 3.4 million jobs in the next decade. Currently, that number sits around 2 million, according to Rick Schostek, executive vice president of Honda North America.

“The bad news is that … 2 million of those jobs are at risk of going unfilled because of either lack of interest or lack of the essential skills that will be required to fill those positions,” he said.

As a result, Honda has announced its own program to help fill the gaps. The EPIC program is geared towards middle school, high school, and community college students, as well as current manufacturing associates at Honda. EPIC covers four areas:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Passion
  • Innovative
  • Commitment

To help drive the program home, Honda worked with Edheads, an educational game developer. The game teaches logic and critical thinking while taking place at the engine manufacturing line. Students then learn where to apply math and problem-solving skills in the real world. With manufacturing as the backbone of its economy, Honda isn’t about to sit back and watch those jobs go unfilled.

“The investment we are making in this EPIC initiative is the culmination of many creative partnerships we have forged with educators, businesses and Honda associates to help design this program,” said Schostek.  “This robust and innovative initiative is designed to be used by Honda and supplier operations in other regions of the country.”

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