All-New Honda HR-V to Roll Out in Late Spring

24 Apr
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If the all-new Honda HR-V looks to you like a small version of the CR-V or a big version of the Fit, that’s because it is—and we love it.

The crossover is slated to roll out to Terry Lee Honda soon and is predicted to shake things up in the compact crossover segment.

The vehicle’s main appeal is that it combines some of the greatest bits of the Honda lineup. You’ll get the off-road and foul-weather capability of the CR-V, the engine power and CVT transmission of the Civic, and the form and function of the Fit.

The latter is probably the most appealing part of it all. The crossover will inherit the Fit’s interior flexibility, including rear seatbacks that fold flat and seat cushions that can fold up from the floor. There’s an impressive amount of cargo space in the rear with the seats down as well.

It’s also a family vehicle, which means that if you’re buying the HR-V you’ll probably want to save money on gas that could be better spent toward your kids—and it’ll let you do just that. The Civic-derived engine is expected to return 28 mpg in the city and 35 mpg on the highway, putting it ahead of the competition in fuel economy.

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