Apple Watch Honda App Connects Directly to Your Car

8 May
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Now the owners of Honda can feel like Batman – that is, if they also own an Apple watch and happen to live in Japan. Recently, Honda announced the development and release of its app that pairs HondaLink cars to the new Apple watch. However, as previously mentioned, it is only available in Japan – for now.

So, will this new “With Honda” app autonomously bring your car directly to you valet-service-style? Don’t get your hopes up too high there, Bruce Wayne!

The app, which is available on the Apple watch as well as on the iPhone, offers consumers seven basic functions, including the ability to check the odometer reading, distance traveled, fuel efficiency, parking location, and cruising range i.e. how much longer you can go before needing gas – all from the ease of simply looking at your wrist.

We at Terry Lee Honda appreciate the innovation that Honda imbues into its lineup of cars that helps make life a little easier. Stay tuned for updates on the U.S. spec Apple Watch Honda app – and who knows, a valet service from your watch may not be too far in the future.

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