Simple Vehicle Maintenance Tips for a Worry-Free Road Trip

24 Jul
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As you head off on your summer road trip, are you confident that your vehicle is going to get you there and back without trouble? The following are a few simple vehicle maintenance tips that can help you get and keep your vehicle in shape, allowing you to focus on having fun this summer!

CHECK OIL LEVEL. It is important to check your oil level often on your trip. This is because changes in your engine could cause you to start burning oil or leaking oil. If this goes unnoticed, oil levels could drop dangerously low.

STAY COOL. Check the radiator fluid, topping off if you need to. Visually inspect your radiator hoses, noting any cracks or ruptures. If you suspect a leak, feel the hoses with your hand, as long as the engine is cool. Fluid on your hand may indicate a crack.

As you go along on your trip, always keep an eye on the temperature gauge on your dash. If it starts to rise, pull over immediately and seek assistance.

RUBBER. Check your tires for any bulges in the sidewall as their appearance necessitates immediate replacement. Inspect the tread on your tires. If it’s time to rotate, do so before your road trip.

No one likes to being stranded on a road trip. Following these vehicle maintenance tips can help you focus on having a worry-free, good time!

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