2016 Honda Civic Improvements Impress Critics

20 Nov
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One of Honda’s most iconic cars will always be the Civic, and the all-new 2016 Honda Civic has people excited to get behind the wheel. The Honda Civic has built its name on quality, affordability, and practicality, but the outgoing model, which was all-new in 2012, rested on its laurels a little too much. However, the Honda Civic improvements for the 2016 model year have rejuvenated interest in the vehicle.

Some critics have taken to hailing the 2016 Civic as not only the top of its class, but also the best Civic in the nameplate’s history. The exterior is described as more dynamic, energetic, sophisticated. The chrome grille and front wheel arches have been refined, and the addition of LED lighting gives the car a modern touch. While the exterior is more stylish, the interior is more spacious with a larger cabin. Even better, endless praise is being heaped onto the 2016 Honda Civic’s performance and handling.

The Honda Civic improvements won’t hurt drivers’ wallets, either. The Civic is still as affordable and economical as it has always been, with a starting price of $18,640. Honda’s dedication to quality has lead them to develop a Civic that not only lives up to its former glory, but surpasses it.

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