Four Of The Best Apps For Driving

22 Jan
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Technology can dramatically enhance your driving experience. But, are you getting the best of what’s out there? To help, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best apps for driving.


This app is only for Apple Music users. It can make your commute a whole lot safer as it replaces the standard interface and instead uses a simple gesture-based interface. The result is that you can change the song and still keep your eyes where they belong: on the road.


There’s nothing worse than getting off at an exit and finding out that what you are looking for—cheap gas, a decent cup of coffee, those ceramic statues of sad clowns—isn’t there! This helpful little app will tell you exactly what’s off the interstate.

Here is one of the best apps for driving


Ever been heading to a destination, happily sailing along, taking orders from your favorite map app when you go out of cell phone range? Here is designed to prevent that by offering downloadable maps.

Greatest Drive

It can be frustrating on a road trip because while you know the interstate doesn’t offer the greatest scenery, you are also afraid of braving it on the two-lane highways and getting lost, wasting time, etc. Not anymore! Not with the Greatest Drive app. It helps you map out a scenic drive so you know exactly where you are going and you know it’s going to be beautiful!

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