How To Make Your Car Last

19 Feb
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Everybody wants their vehicle to last forever but have you learned the habits that are going to make that happen? Follow these tips on how to make your car last!

Change the oil…and everything else too!

Maintaining a regular oil change interval is absolutely essential to making your vehicle last. But don’t stop there! You’ve got an air filter that needs replacing from time to time. You’ve got belts, spark plugs, and a fuel filter, among many other components. Your owner’s manual can tell you when to do what.

Find a service professional you trust.

It’s important to find a service professional that you trust because sooner or later you are going to need service. If you hesitate, because you are unsure where to take your vehicle, this can not only make repairs potentially more expensive, it can be fatal for your vehicle.

Keep your eyes and ears open.

After you spend only a little a time with your vehicle, you will get a feel for how it accelerates, how it brakes, how it corners, how it sounds and the regular fuel economy. If you find that any of these changes, don’t hesitate to get the issue addressed.

The bottom line is that vigilance, like anything else in life, is what is going to make your car last!

make your car last

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