New York Debut of 2016 Honda Civic Hatchback Prototype Will Happen Before Auto Show

18 Mar
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Honda is apparently enjoying the slow reveal of the 2016 Honda Civic hatchback prototype, recently announcing that it simply cannot wait until the 2016 New York Auto Show to bring the new model to the Big Apple.

The new Honda Civic hatchback prototype will get its North American debut in New York, before the enormous auto show even begins. This model prototype previews the 2017 Honda Civic, which will launch as its own hatchback variant later this year.

Compared to the current model, the new hatchback prototype is much bigger (5.11 inches longer, in fact), and it has a sportier design that includes aggressive, new LED taillights.

Honda also revealed that it would reveal the artists of the next Honda Civic Tour on March 22 – hot off a successful year with headliner One Direction. Could the announcement date coincide with the New York debut of the Civic prototype? We think it’s a safe guess!

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