Honoring Sacrifice: Celebrate Memorial Day on May 30

20 May
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celebrate Memorial Day

Memorial Day is right around the corner on May 30, making now the ideal time to start planning your celebrations. Whether you would like to make this day a solemn remembrance or an unforgettable party, there is no wrong way to celebrate Memorial Day. Follow traditions or start your own—just don’t forget this iconic holiday.

Originally called Decoration Day, this holiday was first celebrated following the Civil War. Many families lost loved ones near them, especially considering the fact that the Civil War claimed more lives than any conflict in US history. By the late 1860s, entire towns and cities held tributes. The modern Memorial Day was established as a holiday in 1971, a day many families spend together.

How should you celebrate? Most cities and towns across the US hold parades, according to the History Channel. Military personnel are often welcomed, as well as veterans’ organizations, in order to show support for the US military. Many also visit graves of soldiers.

For those looking for a more positive way to celebrate, barbeques are a must. This day also marks the beginning of summer for most, making it a great day to get outside. Most people enjoy the idea of celebrating freedom on this day, recognizing the sacrifices of soldiers while also spending time with loved ones.

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