Car or Crossover?

10 Jun
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Car or crossover

It can be hard to choose between buying a car and a crossover, as there are upsides to both. It’s all about what’s right for you. To help you make the best decision, check out the advantages to owning a car or crossover below!

Pros of a Car

Gas Mileage – You won’t have to worry about burning your gas. Sedans and small cars are known for their great fuel economy.

Nimble Handling – Small cars are more agile and thus easier to steer. This not only makes them more fun to drive but also more able to avoid crash scenarios.

Lower Seating – In a sedan, the lower seating position makes you feel more connected to the road. That’s a big plus for those who drive for enjoyment.

Pros of a Crossover

Space, Space, Space – With a crossover, you’ll get a significant amount of cargo space and passenger space. It’s great for families, but you probably already knew that.

Ground Clearance – Because of the higher positioning of a crossover, you’ll be able to take more scenic routes with it without damaging the suspension.

Power – Crossovers generally pack more power than sedan, making them ideal for towing all of that camping equipment during your next road trip!
Whether a car or a crossover is right for you, we’ve got plenty of both at Terry Lee Honda!

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