Gas Saving Tips: Don’t Waste Money at the Pump

26 Aug
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Honda models are made to save you money at the pump. Nonetheless, there are some important things you can do as a driver to save even more. We’ve put together a list of the best gas saving tips to help you get every penny out of each drop of fuel.

The EPA says there are four basic ways to get better gas mileage, some of which work better than others. These include vehicle selection, driving habits, maintenance, and logistics. If you have a Honda, odds are you’re already getting pretty good gas mileage, especially if you have one of the many hybrids available. Read on to see more about the other three aspects of fuel economy.

Driving Habits. Driving aggressively can cost you up to 30 percent of your gas mileage. This includes speeding, rapid acceleration, and slamming on the brakes (rapid deceleration). Keeping your cool behind the wheel has been known to save up to 10 percent on efficiency, while obeying speed limits can account for another large portion of your fuel economy.

Maintenance. Regular service at a certified dealership can keep your car running smoothly. This includes the basics like oil and filter changes, as well as tune-ups and tire rotations. Something as simple as maintaining proper tire pressure can save you hundreds over the years. Be sure to go to a certified technician, though, as some corner garages aren’t always held to the same standards as service centers.

Logistics. Plan your trips carefully. Avoid driving at peak hours in order to reduce the amount of time you are stuck in traffic (leave for work an hour early if possible). If you can find a carpool, take advantage of the fuel-saving benefits. Finally, if you can make one long trip, it’s better than multiple small trips.

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