Are Honda Cars Reliable?

7 Oct
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Trying to figure out what sort of used car you should get? Ask around at different garages and car parts stores and you’re likely to get the same answer several times: why, a Honda, of course! This seems to be a popular response, and surely it must be for a reason. But are Honda cars reliable? And how do we know?

One thing we can do to measure this is look at some official feedback. J.D. Power and Consumer Reports collect feedback from car owners everywhere and Honda has continued to score high for its reliability in their surveys. Furthermore, the Honda vehicles that these consumers are driving are probably older which indicates that even with age and wear, Honda’s perform well consistently.

It’s hard to fit all of the exact technicalities of what makes Honda a reliable car on such a short page, but one way to tell is to look at trustworthy indicators of this fact, like word of mouth. You’ve likely heard of the old saying that you shouldn’t fix something that isn’t broken, a sentiment felt by many car owners about their vehicles. If someone has found a car that works for them and never lets them down, they’re probably pleased enough to spread the word. That’s why so many people like to recommend Honda. Based on general experience and feedback from garages, Honda’s have low failure rates and when something does go wrong, they’re easy to fix. That makes this Japanese brand a pretty safe bet.

are Honda cars reliable

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