How to Organize and Decorate for a Trunk or Treat Night

12 Oct
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For so many kids, trick or treat night is one of the most exciting evenings in fall. Not only do they get to indulge in handfuls of candy, but they also get to explore their neighborhood with friends and family, and to wear really cool costumes. But children aren’t always raised in an area fit for such an evening, whether they live out in the country, or in an unsafe neighborhood. It’s for this reason that groups and organizations have begun a new tradition: trunk or treat.

Trunk or treat uses cars instead of houses, organizing them in a parking lot. Parents and kids have fun decorating cars beforehand, and then kids can walk from car to car and mingle with friends. This can be safer or more convenient than traditional trick or treating. Here are some tips on how to throw the best trunk or treat night for your neighborhood.

First, be sure to pick a night that will work for the majority of the people in your community. If there is a local trick or treat, choose a different night so that all kids can participate if possible.

Trunk or treat is more fun with more decorations and costumes. Research themes from past trunk or treat nights on the internet and make a list of them to hand out to the community. Use cardboard shapes and paint to create different sets for your car, or decorate the whole thing with Halloween toys, banners, balloons and spider webs. Throw a contest for best-decorated trunk and give prizes to the first, second, and third place. The more you can get other people excited and involved, the more likely that the trunk or treat night will become a part of your community’s tradition!

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