Documentary of Honda Serial One Reveals Fully Restored N600

4 Nov
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A Honda mechanic has spent the last six months restoring a Honda N600, the very first Honda ever introduced to America with VIN number 1000001, nicknamed “Serial One”. Honda made a twelve-episode documentary called “Serial One” that aired over six months and showed the restoration process.

The Honda Serial One was restored by Los Angeles-based mechanic Tim Mings, who is a professional restorer of Honda N600s. The N600 was imported to the US in the late 1960s and was one of the most advanced vehicles of its time. Mings received an N600 to restore a couple of years ago and didn’t realize until recently, once he’d removed all the rust from the car, that it was serial number one.

Mings contacted Honda, and Honda started documenting Mings’ process of restoring the N600. Mings took apart every single piece of the Serial One and replaced the glass, redid the paint, put a new engine in, and replaced all the other parts to rebuild the 1967 N600.

The team all signed the interior roof of the car after the finishing touches were put on, and then they unveiled Serial One at a Japanese classic car show in Long Beach to a crowd of excited fans. The journey of the Serial One’s restoration has been a great opportunity for Honda to showcase its history and give an amazing opportunity to Honda fans.

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