Back-to-School Prep

12 Aug
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It’s time to go back to school! But before you jump into the school year, you’ll want to make sure you and your family is prepared for everything the new school year will bring. Here are some back-to-school prep tips you can take on before the big first day.


For Older Kids:

For your older students (middle school and high school), an emergency kit will help them through their day. You can put things like deodorant, tissues, and floss in it and they can keep it in their locker for emergencies.

For Younger Kids:

To help hectic school mornings go easier, plan their outfits in advance. Let your kids pick out outfits for the entire week and then set them aside so that they’re ready to go in the early hours of the morning.

For All Ages:

Have a designated school corner where the kids can store all of their school gear like their backpacks, folder, and extra materials. This will make it easier to get organized and moving in the morning as well as getting them started on their homework.

Getting ready to go back to school can be hard, but with these tips, it should be a little easier. And remember, if you need a back-to-school car, you can always head down to Terry Lee Honda.

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