School Lunch Hacks

15 Sep
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Back to school - lunch hacks

As fall rolls around, there’s more to plan for in the school year than ever before—homework, after-school programs, how you’re going to be three places at once. It’s easy to let school lunches become an afterthought. But with these lunch hacks from Terry Lee Honda, you can stay on top of the healthy (and tasty) school lunch game.


Think Like a Kid

 While a delicious sandwich with olive tapenade, fresh cheese, and local greens might sound like your dream lunch, it may not be cafeteria fit. Kids use school lunches as a social time, so they may feel too distracted or overwhelmed to dig into something big and fancy. Instead, go with slightly simpler choices in smaller packages that will keep the audience interested.

Prep Ahead

The great thing about school lunches is that you can get most of the ingredients ready over the weekend. Chop fresh veggies, wash fruit, or portion out healthy dips like salsa and hummus.

Get the Kids Involved

If you really want to be sure your kids are not only happy with their lunches but aware of the effort it takes to put them together, have them get their hands a little dirty. Set up a station with fresh veggies and hummus and let your kids make a wrap, or have them help you cook rice or pasta then choose the toppings. When they’ve had the chance to customize their own lunches and put the effort in themselves, they’re sure to enjoy the taste and the satisfaction of their school lunch.


At Terry Lee Honda, we hope everyone has a great back to school season.

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