Cold Weather Prep for Your Honda

27 Oct
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Hondas are definitely a reliable brand of transportation, but even the most reliable cars still need some extra care in anticipation of the winter season. Use these tips from Terry Lee Honda to prepare your Honda for the cold weather.

Prepare for the cold weather with these tips


Good traction is one of the most important things when it comes to safe driving on snow and ice. Check your tires to see that their tread is still good and that there are no signs of wear or damage. When in doubt, have them looked at by a professional and replace them if needed.


Car batteries become fickle as they age, especially when it’s cold out. Low temperatures can be the death of older batteries and may leave you stranded unexpectedly. Get your battery checked now to see if it’s time to replace it before the winter season.


In addition to your regular oil change, the pre-winter months are a good time to check other levels, like brake fluids and antifreeze. You also want to be certain you have plenty of wiper fluid and good windshield wipers so that when road salt covers your windshield you’ll be able to clean it off for good, safe visibility.

Need help with your pre-winter car maintenance? Give us a call or stop by Terry Lee Honda today!

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