Family Road Trips: Driving Tips for Thanksgiving

14 Nov
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driving tips for Thanksgiving
Be as safe on the road as you can with our driving tips!

Thanksgiving is a time when people all over the country are driving to see their families, but that often leads to traffic hazards. Here are some driving tips to help you safely get to your destination for Thanksgiving.

Tuesday and Wednesday Will Have the Most Traffic
Trying to beat the rush by hitting the road the Tuesday or Wednesday before Thanksgiving? Think again. Traffic statistics show more people drive those days, whereas the actual day of Thanksgiving is more like a weekend day, with the morning and evening being the best time to drive.

Head Out Before 1 PM
If you do still decide to drive the Tuesday or Wednesday before, make sure you start driving well before 1:00 PM, which is when highways start seeing a drastic increase of traffic. Don’t forget to fill up before you head out too!

Use Your Trunk Or Other Container
Bringing a lot of luggage means you have a lot of projectiles in your vehicle in the event of an accident, so make sure you stow things in your trunk or use some kind of secured container.

Wait To Drive Until After You Digest
Curiously, traffic accidents after Thanksgiving aren’t linked to drinking, unlike other holidays. Instead, drowsiness is a common factor, with the tryptophan from turkey and the influence of carb-heavy foods making drivers sleepy.

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