Production of All-New Honda Accord to Create Jobs

9 Nov
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all-new Honda Accord
The All-New Accord Added A Lot To The Marysville Auto Plant In Anna, Ohio!

The Honda Accord has long been a mainstay in the American market, prized for its reliability and family-friendly functionality, as well as its value. The all-new Honda Accord is poised to soon enter its tenth generation for the 2018 model year, bringing with it a slew of new, advanced features and a sleek modern design. However, that’s not all the new Accord is bringing to the auto industry. Honda itself is investing $267 million in producing of the Accord, bringing over 300 new jobs to Ohio factories.

The investment is mostly going into the Marysville Auto Plant and will bring new processes and technologies to the plant required in order to produce the next-generation Honda Accord. $47 million, however, will be going into a nearby engine plant in Anna, Ohio in order to craft two of the Accord’s new turbocharged engines. This is the first use of turbo engine technology in the Honda Accord engine lineup.

From its new powertrain options to its rigid, more lightweight body construction, the all-new Honda Accord has a number of improvements and new features that require new equipment and technology. The inclusion of these new production processes will create jobs at the Marysville Auto Plant as well as the engine plant nearby. Keep your eyes peeled for the latest 2018 Honda Accord, coming soon here at Terry Lee Honda.

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