Introducing: The Honda Fit Kit

1 Apr
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Are you one of the people that love DIY projects? Do you have a love for automobiles?

Are you sick and tired of putting together tiny replica car kits, only for them to fall apart again?

Good, because so are we.

Honda has come up with a solution to stop this madness and let us DIYers really have the chance to build our own cars! Introducing, the Honda Fit Kit.

You can order the 2015 Fit Kit and it will be delivered right to your door! You get to configure the entire car yourself, including the price.

In a press release, Kuruma Tsukuru, global manager of the new at-home assembly project for American Honda Motor Co., Inc., said, “We read comments every day on enthusiast forums suggesting they could build a better car themselves, so we decided to take it a step further and let people actually build one. Young people around the world are making their own handmade belts, coasters and tie racks, why not their own Fit? The next generation is ripe for this personalized and cost-saving option.”

It’s about time someone came up with this, right?

Head over to this website to get your own Honda Fit Kit. We at Terry Lee Honda have already snatched up a couple of them. Don’t be last to jump on this bandwagon!

Check out how the Honda Fit Kit works in the video below:

The Honda Fit Kit

Too bad it’s April Fools’.

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