Family Road Trips: Driving Tips for Thanksgiving

14 Nov
driving tips for Thanksgiving
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Thanksgiving is a time when people all over the country are driving to see their families, but that often leads to traffic hazards. Here are some driving tips to help you safely get to your destination for Thanksgiving. Tuesday and … Read More »

Production of All-New Honda Accord to Create Jobs

9 Nov
all-new Honda Accord
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The Honda Accord has long been a mainstay in the American market, prized for its reliability and family-friendly functionality, as well as its value. The all-new Honda Accord is poised to soon enter its tenth generation for the 2018 model … Read More »

Introducing the New 2018 Honda Accord

22 Sep
2018 Honda Accord
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SUVs and crossovers may be increasingly popular, but that doesn’t mean that a new sedan can’t come and blow them away. The Honda Accord has been a solid, stylish, reliable standard for years. Now, with the redesigned 2018 Honda Accord, … Read More »

2017 Honda Civic Type R

18 Jul
2017 Honda Civic Type R
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The 2017 Honda Civic Type R is an all-new performance version of the popular compact Civic. The Type R adds a 2.0-liter inline-four engine that puts out 306 horsepower, making for the most powerful Honda ever sold commercially in the … Read More »

History of the Honda Civic Hatchback

17 Jan
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After some lonely years without it, the Honda Civic Hatchback returns for the 2017 model year. And the new 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback is almost just as strange and alien as the first one was in 1973, with its front … Read More »

Critics Praise New Honda Civic Hatchback Model

5 Dec
Honda Civic Hatchback
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Civic Hatchback Model The Honda Civic Hatchback model has been off the scene for years—a little over a decade, in fact, after the original hatch was discontinued in 2005. However, Honda has answered the prayers of enthusiasts across the country … Read More »

Are Honda Cars Reliable?

7 Oct
are Honda cars reliable
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Trying to figure out what sort of used car you should get? Ask around at different garages and car parts stores and you’re likely to get the same answer several times: why, a Honda, of course! This seems to be … Read More »

Honda Civic Hatchback is Coming Soon

9 Sep
Honda Civic Hatchback
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The new Honda Civic made waves in the compact segment with a new sporty style and a major increase in power while maintaining the Civic’s signature high fuel economy. Even with a new design and powerful engine, drivers have still … Read More »

Introducing the All-New 2017 Honda Ridgeline

8 Jul
All-New 2017 Honda Ridgeline
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Honda doesn’t just have reliable sedans and standout minivans. The all-new 2017 Honda Ridgeline brings a commanding and versatile presence to Honda’s line. The Ridgeline joins the mid-size pickup truck segment and has a lot to show off. It starts … Read More »

Honda Civic and Pilot Named Among Top 10 Best Family Cars of 2016

24 Jun
The 2016 Honda Pilot is one of the Top 10 Best Family Cars of 2016
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When it comes to our families, we want to find the perfect car to accommodate them and us! Thankfully, Honda has some great family cars, such as the Honda Civic and Honda Pilot. Both the Civic and Pilot made the … Read More »