Four Of The Best Apps For Driving

22 Jan
Here is one of the best apps for driving
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Technology can dramatically enhance your driving experience. But, are you getting the best of what’s out there? To help, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best apps for driving. Listen This app is only for Apple Music users. … Read More »

Honda Road Readers Program Stands to Make the Commute More Educational

8 Jan
Honda road readers program
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Think back to when you are a child riding to and from school with your parents at the helm. How did you pass the time? These days, Honda is trying to ensure that not only is the time spent in … Read More »

Winter Car Service

18 Dec
Winter Car Service
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Preparing your car for winter is vital to ensuring you don’t run into any breakdowns or problems on the road. The cold weather can beat down on your car, especially if you haven’t had it properly serviced for the season. … Read More »

Scottish Car of the Year Award Goes to the Honda Civic Type R

4 Dec
Scottish Car of the Year
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This week is all about the mad, bad Honda Civic Type R! Gonna be a lotta fun… @Honda_UK @HondaUKPR — Andy Harris (@ytimesmotoring) December 14, 2015 The newest Honda Civic Type R has been earning quite the reputation, and … Read More »

2016 Honda Civic Improvements Impress Critics

20 Nov
Honda Civic improvements
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One of Honda’s most iconic cars will always be the Civic, and the all-new 2016 Honda Civic has people excited to get behind the wheel. The Honda Civic has built its name on quality, affordability, and practicality, but the outgoing … Read More »

2017 Honda Ridgeline Baja Desert Race Truck Debuts at SEMA

6 Nov
Honda Ridgeline Truck
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At the recent 2016 SEMA show a few weeks ago, Honda unveiled a concept it referred to as the Baja Desert Race Truck – which used the company’s upcoming Honda Ridgeline truck as an underlying platform. The 2017 production version … Read More »

New Special Edition CR-V Reminds Us Why Its America’s Bestselling SUV

23 Oct
new Special Edition CR-V
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The standard 2015 Honda CR-V was already a huge step up from the already high level set by previous CR-V models, but Honda isn’t done just yet. The automaker has announced a new special edition CR-V for 2016, and, we … Read More »

The Best Fall Fairs and Festivals around Indianapolis

9 Oct
best fall fairs and festivals around Indianapolis
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The Midwest is known for its classic autumn events and activities, and Indianapolis is one of the many reasons why. All around this great city, throughout the fall season, there is a plethora of traditional and exciting fall to-dos that … Read More »

The Best of Both Worlds: Honda Project 2&4

18 Sep
Honda project 2&4
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If there’s one thing that Honda knows, it’s engines. As a recent article from GizMag states, Honda supplies 28 million car and motorcycle engines a year. So when it comes to a highly unique and visionary vehicle that “blurs the … Read More »

Separation Anxiety: Knowing When to Sell Your Car

4 Sep
when to sell your car
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Maybe your car was there when you proposed or were proposed to, or when you saw the most beautiful landscape you’ve ever seen, or when you left home and drove off to college. Whatever you’ve been through, you may have … Read More »